Thursday, February 26, 2009


Degrimm are a type of flying creature, they are green with 3 yellow wings, two on their back and one on top of their head. They have a round head with a wide gaping mouth with razor sharp teeth. They have tiny slits for eyes and a very sensitive nose that is very small. They are relatively small, about the size of an average bottle of water, and they travel in large groups. They can live anywhere but they mainly live in trees so you can mostly find them in planets with trees. Degrimm eat bugs and plants.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Fey are small, annoying, flying creatures, they are about as large as a dime and are black with one eye, they have 4 wings and a long tail. They rest in trees at night and come out during the day, they live pratically anywhere in the universe except the planets that have extreme climates. They live to annoy creatures, and to get swatted by the bigger ones. For food, they gang up on smaller creatures.


Skulbie are creatures that are skeletons of humans with a few added bones here and there.
They have large skulls and all of there bones are connected with a magic force of some kind. Skulbie don not have to eat anything and predators...well...who'd want to eat bones? Skulbie can detach some of their bones and throw them for fun, the bones then magically return to their owner. Despite being skeletons, they are not scary at all, they are actually pretty nice. They live in large groups and generally in dark places and/or in caves.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Coupes are turtle like creatures, they are very dumb and have horns on their head, which is used for fighting. They are not good at fighting alone but they tend to fight in packs and like to gang up on unlucky creatures. They like to eatbugs and flies and small creatures like that. They have a hard shell which they can withdraw into, Inside their shell, they can cause the shell to move, which they use to bowl over enemies. Coupes live in caves so they generally live on planets that have alot of caves.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Mixolians are an ancient race that have lived since the beginning of life. They are very wise and are about 5 feet tall. Mixolians have an ability to be able to cast certain kinds of magic. The kind, strength, and type all depend on the spellcaster. They almost look like humans except their head is a bit more elongated then humans, their bone structure is diffrent too. Mixolians are peace-loving creatures so they do not eat livestock, instead, they are vegetarians. Mixolians defend themselves from predators by casting a thin blue energy shield around their city, it is only lifted to let creatures go in and out. Most Mixolians live on Kukakis, but some live elsewhere.


Batmo are bat-like creatures with a few diffrences, they have arms and wings and are a bit bigger than normal bats. Also unlike bats, they don't have echolocation, they have superior eyesight. They can fly for long periods of time and eats insects and bugs and sometimes small animals, Batmo come in diffrent colors, they can have orange, black, blue, or rarely, red colored fur. They have sharp teeth and claws for defense against predators and live in treetops. They inhabit most planets with trees, insects and bugs

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Humans live in the Milky Way Galaxy and does not know anything about the other galaxies Humans only live on the planet called Earth. For more information about Humans, visit your plublic library or if you're an alien, well...TOO BAD!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Robots inhabit the galaxies far and wide, they are on alot of planets and they have diffrent models, they can have jobs or can just be like any other inhabitant on the planet. The robots are advanced and have greater technology than the other creatures. The robots are all diffrent models so they all look diffrently, they come in all sizes too, some serve in the army because they have built-in weapons and other act as servants. As you can see, robots are a pretty versatile kind of creature, although they are not technically creatures

Friday, May 30, 2008


Treadrans are extinct but they are creatures nonetheless, they used to live on the planet Treadre, which is named after themselves. They are an ancient powerful civilization. They have very big mouths with two eyes and short arms and legs, they like to bite things. They have four cannons on their planet, which they use to defend themselves with, they never attack. Treadrans have very little technology, they live in the pass, the most advanced thing they have is the 4 cannons

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Creers are creatures that inhabit a planet called Fhar, they are basically an eyeball with two legs with red skin. They can run very fast and have laser vision for their enemies. Creers only have very short arms that cannot do much but they have a very long mouth on top of their eye that acts as another hand.